Light bulbs burn out quickly

If your light bulbs burn out quickly there are a few things worth checking out.

Light Bulb Size:

Using the wrong light bulb size is the most common reason for light bulbs to burn out, other than old age and heat. It’s important to use the correct size light bulb in each fixture. Bigger light bulbs will deliver more light but also create more heat. Heat will reduce the bulbs life if its light fixture has an enclosed lens that does not allow adequate air flow. Most light fixtures have a rating of 60 watts. Check the fixture for the recommended light bulb size and replace accordingly. Not doing so will not only burn out the light bulb sooner, but it will cook the insulation of the wiring in the fixture and electrical box above, possibly leading to a fire.


Excessive vibrations will shorten the life expectancy of a light bulb too. This is most commonly seen in lighting that’s part of a ceiling fan or garage door opener. Also light fixtures that are next to doors or below areas of travel such as bathrooms, hallways, or kids bedrooms absorb all of the vibration from door slams, footsteps, objects dropped on the floor, or kids jumping and playing. You can also install light bulbs that are designed to withstand vibrations.

Higher than Normal Voltage:

The standard operating voltage for residential lighting is 120 volts unless low voltage lighting has been installed. Most light bulbs that you can purchase at a hardware store are designed to run on 110 volts or 120 volts A 120 volt circuit is considered normal with voltage readings anywhere from 115 to 125 volts. Levels above 125 volts will decrease the lifespan of your light bulbs. This can be damaging to other devices in your home, especially electronics and computers. Another solution to this is to buy 130 volt light bulbs. 130 volt light bulbs can be found at a local electrical supply store or lighting store.

Power Surges:

A power surge can be reasonably small or very large. A powerful surge can actually burst the light bulbs and smaller ones can strike regularly and go reasonably unnoticed. If you think power surges are causing problems with the lighting in your home or business. Consider Whole home Lightning Arrester/Surge Protector. If you have any additional questions, give Voltek Electric a call at 262-224-3226, or you can reach us through our online contact form.

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