Dimmer switch getting warm

It is perfectly normal for your dimmer the feel warm to the touch. Dimmers naturally get warm when they are in use, especially if there is more than one dimmer in the same location.

But if your dimmer is really warm or hot to the touch. This indicates that the dimmer may be overloaded which, could cause a safety problem and you should call a licensed electrician, who is trained in determining what the problem may be.

Dimmer Tips

Most dimmers in your home are rated at a maximum of 600 watts. This is equal to 10 sixty Watt light bulbs, or 6 one hundred Watt bulbs.

In most cases If there is more than one dimmer in the same location. The wattage rating of the dimmer can be reduced. For example a 600 watt dimmer can be reduced to 400 watts or more.

You can install a higher-wattage dimmer for connecting more than 600 Watts to one dimmer.

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